1941 - 1978

Mecit Çetinkaya’s Precidency, Captaincy and Membership certificates.
The Mecit Çetinkaya period starts 1940s . Mecit Çetinkaya In 1930s
had work as seaman and in 1940s as ship Captain.

In 1944 Mecit Çetinkaya loaded firewood on father in law’s sailing ship at Iğneada port. After leaving the port the sailing ship had been torpedoed by German warships and gone down in the Black Sea.

Captain Mecit Çetinkaya and one seaman had been rescued and other crews including Captain Kadir’s grandson died.

Although having this tragedy Mecit Çetinkaya had proceed on his way without any hesitation.

In 1940s and 1950s Mecit Çetinkaya was owner of barges, lighters, motor sea vehicles and tugboats. Some of these vehicles had been registered on his wife Hatice Çetinkaya and son Hüseyin Çetinkaya.

In 1950s Hüseyin Çetinkaya was captain and also engine-man in his father’s tugboat.

Port operation, stevedoring, local sea transportation, sand trading, tug operations, rescue operations, barge port operations and lightering were field of Mecit Çetinkaya’s activities.

Official authorities had given certificate of achievements to Mecit Çetinkaya due to his achievements in his activities.

Mecit Çetinkaya had collectivist owners of barges and motor sea vessels and set up Cooperative and Associations and he was elected their president for years.
In today’s shipowners’ fathers and/or grandfathers mostly were member of these organizations.

In 1950s and 1960s Mecit Çetinkaya as president provided engines for barges. In an other words, barges became motor sea vehicles. This development was nearly a reform in that days.

In 1970s Mecit Çetinkaya had built steel cargo vessels for serving around İstanbul port area.

In 1978 Mecit Çetinkaya died in an unexpected time while he was very active in his work life.
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