1978 - …

Ex Mv K.Ali Rıza Atasoy was bought by Çetinkaya Group in 1994.
The Ibrahim Çetinkaya (son of Mecit Çetinkaya) period starts in 1978.

As a matter of fact Ibrahim Çetinkaya was working with his father as part time for years while he was educating at High school and University and he had set up even his firm in 1961.

Owner of this site “Cetinkaya Shipping and Trading Inc.” is the continuation of Ibrahim Çetinkaya’s firm which is transformed in incorporated Company at 1982.

All Cetinkaya trade named family Companies had been gathered under the name of “Cetinkaya Group of Companies”.

In 1980 Ibrahim Çetinkaya had start international works and include the Shipping Agency for foreign flags, brokerage between world ports, Chartering, Bunkering; Line agency between Continant, Mediterranean and Turkish ports in the field of activities, considering that the activities of his father’s time would not be sufficient.

In 1990s had been built and purchased some ships, in 2000s had been commenced to give services for ISM and ISPS as well.

Ibrahim Çetinkaya also had lay the groundwork for family members and other young employees to have knowledge and skills on Shipping business..
Indeed some of them had set up their own companies and transfer the potentials which they had achieve in this groundwork.

Ibrahim Çetinkaya is one of ten people that found Turkish Maritime Chamber in 1980.

Our Company continues on his Shipping activities with success.
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